All-New Shi 6″ Action Figure Coming 2023!

Tucci Trooper!

Deb and I are excited to give an exclusive sneak-peak preview to our backers for our new Shi 6″ Action figure through Executive Replicas. We’ve been working with Winston and his crew for almost two years now trying to get the figure just right. It’s gone through many, many, many incarnations, but we’ve finally approved of the final design set for production. 

You can see the creative evolution and design process for the heads alone. Once it is officially announced, I will post the total (and long) development of the figure to get it just right. That said, we could not be happier (and appreciative) of Executive Replicas for their patience and fortitude. The action figure boasts over a dozen points of articulation and Ana Ishikawa will be equipped with multiple heads and many accessories. Again, once we have an order date (which I believe will be through Diamond Comics Distributors among other avenues), I wil send out links and a press release.


Limited Edition Shi: Senryaku 25th Anniversary Edition Offered Through

San Diego Comic-Con was our best show in over twenty years with its first live in-person convention since July 2019.

We’ve been shipping our Shi: Senryaku #1 25th Anniversary Special Editions and the accompanying 11” X 17” prints daily, so if you’ve placed an order and haven’t recieved your yet, keep on the on the lookout as we’ve just gotten another order of shipping supplies from Uline.

Senryaku is Crusade Comics’ groundbreaking, Eisner Award-nominated series written by comics’ legend and creator of DC Comics’ Amethyst and Blue Devil, Gary Cohn. The book uniquely details Shi’s upbringing and training through thirty-six self-contained Art of War“stratagems”. Stratagems lushly showcased and illustrated by many of the industry’s greatest talents, including Jim Lee, Frank Frazetta, Adam Hughes, George Perez, Jeff Smith, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Joe Quesada and Billy Tucci.

For those who were unable to attend Comic-Con, we have a limited number of these Special Editions now through

Thank you again for your amazing support. We’ve got some amazing news coming up and I look forward to sharing it with you in the coming weeks.


Shi: Sakura is at the printer. All proofs have been approved and we will be receiving all books and will begin fulfillment in September!


Billy Tucci