Sakura Now Indemand & Your $140K Stretch Goal! 



Tucci Trooper!


Sakura’s Indiegogo launched on April 20th and in just 30 days, you and over 1,300 fellow backers smashed all previous Shi OGN records by bringing the campaign to over  $135,000.00. Thanks to an fun, fun close-out stream on Ethan Van Sciver’s youtube channel, Comic Artist’s Pro Secrets and of course your amazing support and faith, Sakura  is now on pace to become our biggest OGN Indiegogo ever!

You have earned your Ana Ishikawa Kick-To-The-Face and Asha Kishna Trading Cards, now for if we can hit $140,000.00, you will recieve the Gardenio Lima Sakura Cover Trading Card… 

Gardenio Lima is my art-partner, who brings his extraordinary drafting skills to the Shi Renaissance and I could not be happier working with a finer artist and storyteller. Gardenio is constantly bringing my rough pencils to life and crafting some of the most beautiful Shi  pages of all time. I will highlight Gardenio’s amazing talents in our next update. 

Thus far Six Stretch Goals have been unlocked and are FREE to all backers who have pledged for a physical-tier perk. They include:

  1. Shi: Sakura Graphic Novel being expanded from 56-pages to 64-pages.
  2. Shi: Sakura Graphic Novel being expanded from 64-pages to 72-pages.
  3. Shi: Kuroi Hana 5” Vinyl Sticker.
  4. Shi: Sakura Hardcover Edition Trading Card.
  5. Ana Ishikawa Kick-To-The-Face Trading Cards.
  6. Asha Kishna Trading Card.

Again, DOMO ARIGATO for an incredible campaign! I also want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and well-wishes to our son who had severely broken his collarbone and had to have surgery today. It was successful, he’s in pain, but will be good as new in about six weeks. He appreciates all the support as well, while his poor mother definately needs a drink!

Deborah and I want you all to know that we consider each and everyone of you as a member of #TeamShi. We are humbled by your incredible partnership and know we have the best fans in the world!


Billy Tucci


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