It’s the Final Fourteen Days For The Shi: Sakura Kickstarter And About Time To Meet #TeamShi!SHI: SAKURA PASSES $62,000.00!


Tucci Trooper!

With just fourteen days left, Sakura is steadily closing in on our $65,000.00 Stretch Goal, The Ana Ishikawa Kick-To-The-Face Bookmark! We’ve got lots of other Stretch Goals planned to offer in the next two weeks so please stay tuned to these updates where we’ll be highlighting #TeamShi and some of our very limited Rewards!

Thus far you’ve unlocked several Stretch Goals that are FREE to all backers who pledged for a physical reward:


In my opinion, Sakura is the greatest Shi OGN to date and I am incredibly proud to be working alongside the the very same group that brought you, Shi: Return of the Warrior and Shi: Haikyo, #TeamShi! Writer Steven Peros, Artist Gardenio Lima, Colorist Brian Miller and Letterer, Mindy Lopkin. They are supplemented by Designer Nile Scala, Edtor’s Jason Odem, and J.C. Vaughn and Producer Brian Blevins. As always, Crusade’s executive director, Deborah Tucci stands ever vigilant in the wings, ensuring the campaign and fulfillment continues to be among the best in the business!

There is something wonderful about working alongside such amazing friends and colleagues. Each has returned for yet another Shi-enstallment and continues to baffle me with their professionalism and love of the  story and character. 

It truly is an honor. 

In the coming updates we’ll be highlighting our creators and giving insight into their backgrounds and show more preview pages of the book!

Thank you and remember, together we are #ShiStrong!

Billy Tucci