Gold Foil Cover with Spot Gloss Enhancement!


Indiegogo & Kickstarter Exclusive Campaigns Unlock Stretch Goals!

Shi: Senryaku Omnibus Indiegogo

Shi: Senryaku Omnibus Kickstarter:

Momentum continues as comic book fans from around the world have propelled Crusade Comics’ new Shi: Senryaku Omnibus #NoFanLeftBehind crowdfunding totals past $120,000.00 since launching on Kickstarter. 

New Stretch Goal has now been announced Several Stretch Goals have been unlocked thus far for the 240-page hardcover edition including:

  • To drastically enlarged the omnibus from its traditional 6.58” X 10.25” comic book dimensions to the oversized 7.75” X 11.25”. The upgrade is the same sizing as Marvel and DC Comics Premium Omnibus’ and make Senryaku a perfect companion to the similarly oversized Shi: Omnibus Vol. 1
  • A sewn-in, Satin Bookmark Ribbon
  • Premium protective coated dust jacket cover adorned with the Senryaku painting by legendary artist Frank Frazetta. 

Crusade’s next stretch goal will be a Gold Foil Cover with Spot Gloss Enhancement. This feature is the ultimate in publishing enrichments that adds a true prestige and elegance to any premiere publication. This goal, like all others are limited in number and exclusive to both Indiegogo and Kickstarter backers on the campaign. 

Senryaku’s #nofanleftbehind duel-campaign strategy allows backers from either Indiegogo and Kickstarter exclusive platforms to benefit from each other in the omnibus’ total Stretch Goals.

Crusade will be making its next Stretch Goal Announcement this week. Just twenty-two days remain for Senryaku’s 28-day Kickstarter Exclusive campaign, while over on Indiegogo, the omnibus surges into its last nineteen days of the original 29-day campaign.

Comics Superstar Amanda Conner’s Stunning Senryaku Contribution

Senryaku features the Art of War’s Thirty-Six Stratagems gloriously interpreted by legendary comic artists detailing the life lessons of a young Ana Ishikawa (aka, Shi) as taught to her by her grandfather. The groundbreaking 1995 series was written by Blue Devil and Amethyst creator Gary Cohn and illustrated by such greats as Jim Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jae Lee, George Perez, Billy Tucci, Terry Moore, Adam Hughes and many more. 

It is also the first time that over half of Senryaku’s art will be seen as Crusade showcases the various stages of each contributing artists’ creative process. The omnibus will include much never-before published works, including rough sketches, original black and white artwork, and final color.

Shi: Senryaku Omnibus Indiegogo

Shi: Senryaku Omnibus Kickstarter:


The great and beloved John Romita (January 24, 1930-June 12, 2023) passed away Monday and our hearts break for the Romita family. If ever there was a gentle, giant, it was John Romita. Not only did this good man change the face of comics, but he also changed our lives and taught us with wonder, what a true hero was. Godspeed sir and thank you. You will be forever loved and missed. I’ve been in contact with his son, John Jr. and they are looking into charity options so fans can show their love with a small donation.

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