Four Fantastic Conventions In Five Weeks!


Happy Friday Tucci Trooper!

Whew! It’s been a crazy month-plus of travel and the excitement of being back at comic cons. I’m so glad to have seen so many of you at the shows. The response to Shi’s return is truly heartwarming and your encouragement and enthusiasm has meant the world to Deb and I.

This year’s San Diego Comic Con was our most successful in over twenty-five years! We sold out of the limited edition exclusives we brought with to the show (we still have some set aside for our website customers here:  Again, it seemed like a giant reunion as everyone was there. Film/TV producers, stars, comic creators, press and of course, FANS! As usual, the weather was great as was the conversation.

Shi: Senryaku 25th Anniversary SDCC Exclusive!

We also had some fantastic panels starting off with our Happy Hour with the Comic Book Couples. It was initially to be an educational panel about self-publishing and working in the mainstream, but it “devolved” into a laugh-fest of living with a spouse who loves and creates comics and the wives who run their very successful publishing companies.  I’d like to revisit the concept at a future con, but direct it more towards the business end of self-publishing… of course still with the laughs. Deb and I would like to thank our dear friends, Amanda Conner, Brian Pulido, Jeff Smith, Jimmy Palmiotti, Terry Moore, Robyn Moore,  Vijaya Iyer, Francisca Pulido and moderator Michael Solof for an amazing experience. Great questions fielded by the PopXP’s Nile Scala!

The Comics For Ukraine panels was truly inspiring. To see so many in the comics industry volunteer their creativity to benefit Ukrainian refugees really showcases just how art and creativity can do good in a world plagued by war. I promise you that me, Brian Miller and Mindy Lopkin will not let you down with our Rocketeer: Pavlichenko story. Thanks again, IDW’s Scott Dunbier for the chance to write and draw my favorite comics character for a good cause.

Who will rescue the Rocketeer?

Deborah, Steven Peros, J.C. Vaughn and I also had grand time with our first Shi SDCC panel in over twenty years. Fans were  really excited about The Return of Shi. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous if people would come to see a panel dedicated to just Shi, but they did come by the dozens and it was they who made the whole experience just wonderful. We filmed the panel and will load it up onto the PopXP’s youtube channel next week.

Lil’ Billy Tucci enjoyed SDCC!

We’ve also got some wonderful news involving Diamond Comic Distributors, Dark Horse Comics, The Overstreet Price Guide and my (2023) and Shi’s (2024) 30th Comics’ Anniversaries.

The con also brought us some great meetings and inroads involving NFTs, (something we’ve been looking into for over two years now and still do not quite understand, lol) which sound fascinating.

Crusade Comics has laid out our 2022, 2023 and 2024 Kickstarter publishing schedule. I am so excited about all the wonderful books and product we have coming to you that will continue the Shi Renaissance.

Thank you for an amazing con season. Right now Deb and I have three more conventions in 2022. October’s New York Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con and the NYC Big Apple Con in December.

That’s all folks!

Again, Deborah and I are so appreciative all who came out to the cons this summer and truly thankful to everyone who purchased our Limited Edition Exclusives online. We are so looking  forward to releasing a lot big news announcements in the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend!


Billy Tucci