Thank You For Making 2022 Crusade Comics Best In Decades!

A New Year’s Message From Billy Tucci…

Tucci Trooper!

Deborah and I hope that the dawn of 2023 finds you all well and content. It’s been a quiet holiday season for the Tucci family, but very, very busy. I’ve been working on commissions and a cover for Crusade’s next crowdfunding campaign, mine and John Broglia’s ZOMBIESAMA: DORM OF THE DEAD, launching next month.

Here’ hint at the incomparable Renie Strychalski’s striking IGG exclusive DORM OF THE DEAD cover:

For Kickstarter, we will be offering an exclusive by the legendary Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp) and I will share that with you all soon. Again, we’re planning a very, very busy year of production and fulfillment. All our new campaigns will be at the printer before launch to continue our record of timely fulfillment and to bring you new and better books and product each quarter! 


  1. February 2023 – Zombie-Sama: Dorm of the Dead!
  2. May 2023 – Shi: Senryaku Omnibus Edition
  3. August 2023 – Shi: Gatecrasher
  4. October- Shi: Return of the Warrior Omnibus Edition (and a preview comic to January 2024’s Shi: Ukiyo)

Of course, our Shi: Second Coming Indiegogo Exclusive Campaign is still LIVE. It’s a great way for anyone who missed books and product our campaigns from 2020-2022. You can check it out here:


In addition to our crowdfunding campaigns, we are also are gearing up for a lot of specials as 2023 marks the 30th Anniversary of my first year in comics. It wasn’t much work, but memorable. I illustrated a cover for an issue of Malibu’s The Protectors (that never saw print) and a Lady Death pin up for Brian Pulido that made it into the legendary Lady Death Swimsuit Issue #1, and of course, writing and drawing the very first Shi story for London Night Studio’s Razor Annual #1. 

Here’s the page that show how Ana Ishikawa literally broke a glass ceiling and into comics:

Backstory to the first Shi story.

I had met London Night’s publisher, Everette Hartsoe at a New York comic con in January of 93′. I started work (one page I believe) on a Razor story that was written by another team. The writers’ seemed to have dropped off the project and I told Everette that I had an original character that could slip into the Razor universe. He liked my pitch, and I started work. As you can see, I was still working out the details of Ana’s look, weaponry, and costume, but it truly was an exciting time. I recall re-inking over all the faces as so much detail was lost by the original inker. It was good, but again, it was my creation, so I was a bit of a stickler. As you can imagine, I was so excited over the whole affair and don’t believe I was even paid for the job, lol.  

After getting the bug, I was all in to self-publish Shi myself and I never looked back. About a decade later I started working for the majors (a little bit of creator-owned burn out if you will) and had a blast working for Marvel and DC, but I never extinguished the fiery torch of independence!

Again, we have lots of fun specials scheduled, including holiday specials, con exclusives and for the 25th Anniversary of the sci-fi inspired, Manga Shi 2000.

Deborah and I know how we owe all of this to you. We are in awe of your faith and support and cannot wait to deliver to you our very best. Which of course, has yet to come!

Happy New Year!

Billy and Deborah Tucci!