Dear Zombie-Sama: Dorm of the Dead Kickstarter Backers,

THANK YOU for bringing John Broglia and my  Zombie-Sama: Dorm of the Dead Kickstarter campaign to life! We’ve survived and thrived these past thirty days and our “little zombie book that could” is funded! 

Deborah and I want to thank all of you for your amazing support. We know that Dorm of the Dead would not be possible without you and are once again humbled by your wonderful faith in Crusade Comics. 

#TeamZS is made up of wonderful creatives who have worked (in John’s case, YEARS) incredibly hard to bring you all one terrifically terrorizing tale of friendship and fight. 

Again, I must thank my co-creator John for his devotion and brilliance in bringing Jim, Jane and the ZS lore collective to life. He, alongside, the indefatigable designer/production manager/ letterer, (and more!), Mindy Lopkin, colorists Paul Little and Sean Callahan, video/promotional/graphic designer Nile Scala, producer Brian Blevins, editors Jason Odom, J.C. Vaughn and Deborah Tucci deserve to be applauded for an incredible job well done for not only creating Dorm of the Dead but getting it to the printer before campaign’s close.

I also want to thank our wonderful guest cover artists, Irene Strychalski and Dan Mendoza for their amazing contributions! I owe you both (in Dan’s case an upcoming Zombie Tramp cover) a nod gratitude and a drink!

As I stated, Dorm of the Dead is now at the printer. We will begin fulfilling at the end of this month and then Crusade will launch our next Kickstarter Adventure in May, The Shi: Senryaku Ominbus Edition! 

Jim Okami and Jane Ishikawa’s adventures have just begun and we look forward to your reading Zombie-Sama!, Winter Ronin, and Dorm of the Dead. John is already working on 2024’s Zombie-Sama III!

J.C. Vaughn and I are also really excited for you to read the Shi: Gatecrasher Ashcan. The new graphic novel features Ana battling alongside many independent and public domain characters as she fights her way through comic book time and genres!

Thank you for unlocking the following Stretch Goals:

  • Stretch Goal: Free Zombie-Sama! Digital Edition to all backers – Unlocked!
  • Stretch Goal: Bloody Yearbook Mini Print – Unlocked!
  • Stretch Goal: Irene Strychalski Cover Trading Card: Unlocked!

I want you to know that’s not all you’ll be getting as Dorm of the Dead is now LIVE on Indiegogo and you too will receive whatever Stretch Goals that campaign unlocks. 

Domo Arigato for backing Zombie-Sama: Dorm of the Dead. We know you’re going to love reading it as we did making it! 


Billy Tucci