Still a lot of work to be done organizing, cleaning, setting up-wise, but BIG things are happening at Crusade Comics as we’re settling into our new office/fulfillment center.

And we’re having a blast recapturing the spirit of Shi for her 30th Anniversary! I’ve set up my original art table where I first created Ana Ishikawa back in 1990 and used it throughout my comics career until 2019. I’ll be utilizing it for drawing remarques, sketch covers and sketch editions while at the office. I also thought it apropos to break a bunch of our original framed posters from storage to display in all their full-color glory. 

The Shi: Senryaku Omnibus Edition fulfillment continues non-stop and this new center will expedite all of our Indiegogo, Kickstarter, www.billytucci.com (new Shi 30th Anniversary Valentine’s Day Special Event coming next week!) and Diamond Comic Distributors orders for 2024 and beyond! 

Huge thanks to Mike Renzine, our sons William and Matthew, and Daniel Barber for helping Deborah and I set up and breakout for Crusade’s continued funny book  adventures. It feels great to have a permanent home once again and for Deb to get her house back.

Domo Arigato,

Billy Tucci

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